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Evolution of Music

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Evolution of Music
The evolution of music has changed drastically over the years. Artists such as Pretty Lights and Led Zeppelin are a perfect example of how music has evolved. Led Zeppelin is a British rock group that formed in the 1960’s and is still very popular worldwide to this day. They are one of the best-selling artists in the history of audio recording. Derek Vincent Smith started his project Pretty Lights in 2007 at small venues opening up for bigger artists and is currently now reaching his peak as an electronic producer, and owner of the label Pretty Lights Music, producing artists with similar style of music. He now headlines at shows as other small time artists open up for him.
Pretty Lights and Led Zeppelin differ from the genre of music they provide. Pretty Lights would fit into the electronic style of music. The popularity of electronic music has elevated with the new generation of kids, and the genre itself is fairly new. The characteristics of Pretty Lights music he produces are: more heavy, upbeat and awakening. Although the approach that Pretty Lights music has are more new and fresh, his musical influence comes from bands like Zed Zeppelin, The Beatles, and other classic rock groups. Led Zeppelin is a much older genre of music which fits into the category of classic rock. Led Zeppelin’s method on their music is more lyrical, on the lighter side, and more soothing. The band’s direction of music comes from blues, psychedelic, and even metal.
The type of machines the Pretty Lights use are unorthodox from an average rock bands set of equipment’s. All the different kind of sound effects he makes are all adequately computerized, which goes for all electronic producers in this new era of music. Derek Vincent Scott takes previously recorded sounds and he blends different noises and really just massages them on DJ equipments such as: a midi controller, mixer, kaossilator, and much more other DJ accessories. He then transfers them on a computer...


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