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Whatever Happened to My New Blue Shirt

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Whatever happened to my new blue shirt?
There was a lot of noise coming from my room, as I slowly went up the stairs, a frown making its way on my face. I cautiously extended my hand to the door knob, there was a flash of blinding light and I saw what I hated the most; my two twin cousins Sheela and Tweela, also known as the devils of hell, jumping up and down on my bed, and their elder sister, my age fellow Hermy, spraying my new deodorant around the room, making my room smell like some kind of flowery garden. I screamed, there was another flash and I was being shaken awake.
‘Are you okay?’ I heard my mother say as I looked around my room frantically. No smell, no havoc. I heaved a sigh of relief. I looked at my mother as she eyed me suspiciously.
‘Bad dream,’ I hurriedly justified, getting out of bed and tossing my sheets on the floor. My mother sighed exasperatedly, and as I neared the door of my attached bathroom, she dropped the bomb.
‘Aunt Muriel is coming today,’
I tripped over my own feet in shock and looked at mom with an obvious ‘what-the-heck’ expression. My mother was casually making my bed.
I pumped up in air in my mouth and then let it out again with a ‘poof’ sound. My sister, Ashley banged her head on the table. I felt like it too; Sheela and Tweela were the bombs. In the bad sense.
Ashley and I had received long ‘behave-yourselves-or-suffer-the-consequences’ lectures. Like they would affect us. We were going to do what we had to do with the three devils. The doorbell brought a new dread as my mother glared at us and went to open the door with the typical ‘forced smile’. Ashley and I exchanged looks before Hermy, Sheela and Tweela came charging in past us. Before we could even register as to what had happened, there was a bang from upstairs and loud crashes came from our rooms. I was ready to cry and almost flew up the stairs. I wished I hadn’t when I saw what I saw.
Hermy was dancing stupidly on my bed, while Sheela and Tweela poured my...


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