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Runaway Son

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Runaway Son
“Mine is a constant fantasy of rescue” is one of the most obvious statements that the narrator has implied early on in this story.   It binds together the contrast of whether or not his motive is to escape his current situation due to dysfunctional family issues or to prosper in his future.   To many people, family illustrates tradition, values, morals and devotion.   However, in this particular family, the narrator does not experience those notions.   Generally, that alone, would direct most anyone to flee those types of circumstances.   It is detected that the narrator has a deeper sense of feeling than anyone else in his family because he was the one that was always there when someone needed him.   While his younger sister was in the hospital, he took on the role of the parent so that she would not feel abandoned and unloved during a traumatic event.   Not only that, but he was aware of the accident and took preventative action to make sure it did not happen again.   Where the narrator discovered the sentiment of love is questionable due to the fact that his parent’s upbringing included none of the such.   Unfortunately for the narrator and his siblings, they got cut short of the feeling of belonging.   The vicious cycle of poverty that he and his family endured only made matters worse and it is perceived that that could be his inspiration to flourish in his future.   The narrator could of chosen to do a number of things with the decision to renounce his family, however, he stayed constructive with his assessment and attended college.   The narrator testifies that Widener University, his chosen college, was only two miles from where his family lived.   He had the opportunity to return, but considering what he would be stepping back into, or in fear that he would get dragged back in, he declined any visitation with them.   That attests that he was truly trying to shift the result of the toxic lifestyle that he was born into.   If the narrators family had exposed...


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