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Qualities of a Good Son/Daughter

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Every person born in this world has certain rights and few responsibilities. The qualities in an individual depend on the circumstances in which they are/ brought up because they will have them according to their experiences faced in their lives. The qualities may be present to some extent in every son and daughter but some qualities are inherited from parents as well. The qualities that a son or a daughter should posses are better-understanding, love and affection, obedience, patience, reliability and honesty.

Throughout the life of a person his/her roles and duties change depending on the relations that he/she is in. For example, a person who is a son can also become a husband, father and later on grandfather. Similarly, the role played by a person becomes different as the responsibilities remain the same and but the priority changes, especially after marriage, In this case it is the responsibility of a son or a daughter to handle the situation easily by prioritizing the responsibilities without hurting their parents and loved ones.

Often people end up saying “First I was dying to finish my high school and start college and then I was dying to finish college and start working, then I was dying to marry and have children and then I was dying for my children to grow old enough and go back to work but then I was dying to retire, and now I am dying…. and suddenly I realized I forgot to live with my parents”.

Hence, we should realize before it’s too late, that all the parents need a helping hand especially in their old age they expect love care and affection from their children and we should stand by them at all the times fulfilling all their needs.

The culture I come from gives a lot of respect to parents, Paradise lies below the feet of mother and father is the main door of the Paradise, and if the parents aren’t happy with us paradise will forever be forbidden. No, the qualities have not changed to a vast extent over the time and thus have remained the...


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