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Qualities of a Good Supervisor

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Topic: What are some important qualities of a good supervisor? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important.

There are several differences between a staff member and a supervisor. Even if a person has a good performance as a staff member, it is not always necessary that the same person can make a good supervisor. The important qualities a supervisor should have are as follows: vision, ability to motivate, and leading by example.

First of all, all supervisors should have a vision for their subordinates. They need to clearly tell them about the team objective, what happens when their objective is achieved, and how to achieve that objective. If there is no team objective, the team member may not know what to do. As a result, the team performance will be very poor.

Second, a supervisor has a role as a motivator. If a supervisor cannot instill motivation in the staff members, the team performance might be poor. Moreover, the staff will feel frustration about the team management under their supervisor. What is motivating for one staff member may not be so for another, so a supervisor should know about each staff member in detail.

Finally, a supervisor has to act as a good performer. If a supervisor only orders his/her staff members, they would not respect the supervisor. If a supervisor acts as a team player and shows his/her activity to the staff, they would be more likely to succeed. As a result, their motivation will be higher. In the end, the team performance would be good.

In conclusion, a supervisor should have all these qualities. It is difficult to act as a good supervisor, especially when one expects this will happen just by becoming a supervisor. However, if a supervisor can have these qualities, his/her team members will work with satisfaction.


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