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What Are Qualities of a Good Co-Worker?

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Nowadays, we spend more time with our colleagues than our families. Therefore, they play a crucial role in our daily lives. They can either turn our life into hell or heaven. So, having a good co-worker is very important; personally, what characteristics a good co-worker should have are: respect, cooperation and compatibility. I will detail these as follows.
At the bottom of building a good relationship among humans lays respect. Sometimes, we can have conflict over business issues, or our co-worker can make mistakes. In such cases, we should avoid arguing harshly. Instead, we should go over controversial topics in calm and regardful manner. By way of illustration, once, my two friends started quarrelling so severely that they did not communicate anymore. My manager showed them the door, since they spoil the harmony of the work environment.
Another quality that a good colleague should have is cooperation. In order to enhance work-efficiency, working collaboratively is of utmost importance in business. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. Instead of working individually, combining our strengths and creating group synergy can be easily solved seemingly insurmountable tasks. For instance, when I was working in a project, I have received a vital duty but I had not sound background over it; therefore, I received a help from my co-worker, and so I completed my duty successfully.
Besides respect and cooperation, a good co-workers ought to work in harmony .They should put their personal ambitious aside and give up being self-concerned, and share the mutual view of company. Furthermore, they should not avoid taking responsibility, and approach their duties dedicatedly. On the contrary, workload would be burden on us due to of lazy and selfish fellow-worker.
By way of conclusion, doubtless, we all have diverse opinions, pleasures and personalities; nevertheless, in order to create a productive and peaceful work environment should we have a sense of respect,...


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