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A Proposal to Legalize; Formal Argument

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A Proposal to Legalize, Regulate, and Tax Marijuana in the United States

Submitted to the United State Congress, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, and Commander in Chief, Mr. Barrack Obama

Kelly Smith
Wilmington, North Carolina

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
1600 K St. N.W. Suite 501
Washington, DC 20006
United States House of Representatives
111th Congress, 1st Session
Washington, DC 20515

To all members of the N.O.R. of Marijuana Laws and the United States Congress,
The following document is a proposal on the decade’s long debate over the legalization of marijuana. The growth of citizens questioning this topic has skyrocketed, as shown earlier this year to Mr. Obama’s response to the public’s most frequently asked topics.
I am Kelly Smith, a full time college student in Wilmington, North Carolina. After experiences and thorough research, it has come to my attention that our economy could benefit from proper regulation of cannabis.
Attached is a proposal to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana. I will show you the possibilities that our economy could reap from this if done properly. Please enjoy my proposal and read with an open mind.

Kelly Smith
Wilmington, NC

The Problem

The current problem with marijuana in our country is that it is illegal, and proper legalization may be beneficial. It was first and foremost made illegal on an unjustified basis by the wrong people. Prohibition has been a unique and repeatedly failed attempt to regulate things considered harmful by the government. When alcohol was made illegal by prohibition, people made and consumed things far more dangerous than alcohol as well as boosting business for organized crime. Today, marijuana is easily found in schools, homes, and in your neighborhood even though it is illegal. This supports the claim that it is accessible to all ages at any time and non taxpaying drug dealers...


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