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In America suicide is legal, but it is very rare to find help for an assisted suicide.   Euthanasia is killing someone without having them feel pain. Many people believe that euthanasia should be legalized. views on assisted death are varied from different people.   Finally, there are pros and cons to euthanasia. In order to understand euthanasia completely, views, pros and cons, and laws on this topic must be thoroughly reviewed.

The laws on assisted suicide states, it is illegal.   However, in the late nineteenth century, proposals to legalize euthanasia start to rise.   Debates on the voluntary killing of the terminally ill patients became a main discussion point in many countries.   In 1906, a bill was brought up in the Ohio legislature which caused an uproar of controversy.   Those against believed people would abuse this right to do away with any physically demanding relatives, or that doctors would use this it to cover up for any malpractice.   Although this bill was denied, it started a whole new movement in several countries.   In 1935 a group in Britain founded the Voluntary Euthanasia Society. A year later, parliament voted that terminally ill patients will not be allowed the right to euthanasia. In 1937 an author named G.K. Chesterton said, “Some are proposing what is called euthanasia; at present only a proposal for killing those who are a nuisance to themselves; but soon to be applied to those who are a nuisance to other people.”(pg. 3 http://sks.sirs.com). This became true when the Nazis, in 1933, took this law and twisted it for their own interests.   They believed that all other races, criminals, the physically and mentally disabled, and homosexuals were a danger to the people, so they killed them.

The rules and regulations made by our legislation are a huge deciding factor, yet the views of the public are usually overlooked. The following chart shows different votes on various subjects on euthanasia:

  When a person has a...


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