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Should we allow Euthanasia in cases where people who are terminally ill request the right to die?

People should have the right to control and chose whether they die or not. However I think they should be in a mentally fit state to do so. If they only have a couple of months to live and can feel the pain if they aren’t injected day after day, then I think they should be given the chance to make decisions for themselves. It is after all their life, it belongs to them and the only judge the only decision maker should be the person themselves. I think being given the gift of life is a wonderful thing but being forced to live spoils what should be a joyful and knowledgeable experience of growing. If people are given millions of choices in life why should they be denied the choice of death?

Good pain control makes euthanasia unnecessary

I think pain control will only block the pain but it will leave the patient a ‘zombie’.   People need to understand that although the pain can be stopped for a certain period of time it will never leave the patient. If the patient wishes to die and is in a mentally fit state to make decisions then I think they should be able to.   Nevertheless I believe doctors and nurses should make sure the patient is not depressed.   As people often go through stages when they feel insecure and miserable, when they feel death is their only option out.   On the other hand people may disagree with me because they think if the pain is stopped then the feeling of being terminally ill is lost, it’s gone, it’s forgotten. They will argue that if the right

Human beings should never be killed

Human beings should never be killed. A statement that has never fit into perspective for me. Innocent Humans are killed all over the. Still governments have never stopped these immoral things. These people never wanted to die. Yet when it comes to Humans who are terminally ill and want to...


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