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Eagle Scout Badge

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Eagle Scout: Boy Scouts of America

In 1911, Scouting's highest award was conceived of as the Wolf Award but was quickly changed to Eagle Scout. The medal shown in the 1911 Handbook for Boys was a profile of an eagle in flight but was changed to the current design before any were issued.   Eagle Scout was originally a super merit badge awarded to any First Class Scout for earning 21 merit badges. In 1914, specific merit badges were required.  

Over the years a requirement to perform community service became a full-scale service project in 1965.   Also, a troop youth leadership requirement was added to prevent adults from earning Eagle Scout (which was allowed previously).  

Until 1972,   Explorers who were also registered as an assitant Scoutmaster in a troop could work on Eagle until age 21.   The number of merit badges required increased to 24 in 1972 but went back to 21 in 1978.  

On August 21, 1912, Arthur Rose Eldred of Oceanside, New York, became the first recipient of the Eagle Scout award, and the first of three generations of Eagle Scouts (his son and grandson are also Eagle Scouts).   Since then more than one and a half million Boy Scouts have earned the rank.   Many Eagle Scouts have become notable for their achievements and deeds.

Current Requirements
The rank is awarded when the Scout:
• Is active six months as a Life Scout.
• Demonstrates Scout Spirit.
• Earns 21 merit badges, including 12 from the required list.
• Serves for six months as a leader in the troop, team or crew.
• Plans, develops, and gives leadership to a service project (generally known as Eagle Project). This is a major point of the award and the requirement best known by the general public when Eagle Scout is mentioned: it demonstrates both leadership and a commitment to duty.
• Takes part in a Scoutmaster conference before his eighteenth birthday.
• Completes an Eagle Scout Board of Review.

Scouts with mental or physical disabilities may...


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