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My name is Mark Eveland. I am 16 years old about to be 17 on June 18. My life has been one big adventure so far, full of excitement and different experiences. I was a very active child and very outgoing. Throughout grade school, I played baseball, soccer, basketball, and football. Out of all of those, I was the best at soccer. In addition to all of those sport’s I was in the process of learning how to skateboard. However, out of everything my favorite thing during my childhood was my bike. I learned how to ride a bike without training wheels when I was about 3 ½ years old. Ever since then I have loved to ride bikes and has lead me now to be doing long distance bike riding and long distance trail/off road bike riding. So, up until middle school I was big into sports. I quit all of my sport playing and became more involved in being a boy scout in route to become an eagle scout. However, I did not stay in long enough to receive my Eagle Scout rank; I learned valuable lessons and skills that may come in good use for the feature. So towards the end of my scouting career I started to pick up skateboarding again. I stuck with that for a couple years then discovered long boarding. After I discovered long boarding, I dropped skate boarding and to this day, I still long board, and   I also bmx along with long distance biking. Throughout my whole life my grandparents have a huge part of it. They support me in everything that i do and have always been there for me. And since i never really had a father figure in my life my grandpa helped make me who i am today. Which i like to think is a hard working respectful young man. But there is still a person who i have yet to talk about and that is my uncle, he is my biggest role model and inspiration. He is 43 years old and is running marathons, a top competitor in triathlons and is a 20 year veteran of the Navy. He is my biggest inspiration because I can only hope to be able to compete in a triathlon when I am 40 years old. Because of...


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