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Bite of Reality

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In life, one has much to learn before fully realizing and gaining one’s true aspect and goal. Every one of us has a goal in life, no matter how big or small; but this goal cannot be fully attained unless one works hard and exerts effort for it. Well, I myself have been in this situation as well, though I am still learning from life. Nevertheless, there is this one incident that I experienced which helped me realize my skills and potential, and has somehow made me define myself as a person. At the first few weeks throughout my high school life, the only goal I had then was to fit in and adjust to my new surroundings. It was quite tough to blend in; high school is so big that it holds different kinds of people: stereotypical guys, jocks, cheerleaders, emos, rock stars, hippies --- you name it. I was really shy in interacting with other people, especially with people you have no idea about who they are. The first few weeks were really uneventful, but when the day of selection of clubs came, that was when I started to take notice of the school paper committee. At first I joined out of curiosity. I was a writer and a staffer of our elementary school paper. But then again, high school was different so I gave it a go. I had fun submitting articles to our school paper, it made me glad whenever I see people read my articles and poems, seeing their satisfied faces. But what made me open my eyes to what I really am and what my goal is was when I decided to join the Division School Press Conference in our school as an English Feature writer. I met different students from different year levels and different schools. I was really nervous at first, and unfortunately, I lost. But even so, it made me realize that it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose; what matters is that you really enjoy what you are doing. And for a fact, I really did. I joined again the following year and successfully garnered 2nd place. I moved to regionals but I didn’t win. Nevertheless, it made me realize...


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