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Hot Mess

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HOT MESS by Jenni Ross

Based on the novel, "THE HEARTBREAKERS" By Pamela Wells

Second Draft 12/16/09

Goldsmith-Thomas Productions 239 Central Park West, Suite 6A New York, NY 10024 (212) 243-4147

OVER BLACK WE HEAR THE INTRO TO “LITTLE GREEN BAG” BY THE GEORGE BAKER SELECTION (ICONIC INTRODUCTION TO RESERVOIR DOGS). COLD OPEN: EXT. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PLAYGROUND - DAY/FLASHBACK Four, eleven year old girls, strut confidently across the playground wearing sunglasses, a’la Reservoir Dogs. Other kids move out of their way. BEGIN TITLE SEQUENCE OVER MONTAGE: The four girls come to the aid of another kid being bullied by an older boy on the playground; they TP someone’s house by the light of the moon, laughing uncontrollably; they throw their hands high in the air on a roller coaster, screaming; they start a food fight in the cafeteria and are hauled into detention; the girls play kickball and kick ass. Kelly tags a boy with the ball as she slides onto the base. ALEXIA (V.O.) Welcome to my halcyon days. A simpler time when math homework didn’t require a calculator and your underwear still covered your ass. They raise their hands in class, unashamed that they know the answer. ALEXIA (V.O.) (CONT’D) Back then my friends and I were on top of the pre-pubescent world. We were happy to be ourselves and no amount of Britney Spears videos or American Apparel ads could convince us otherwise. The girls walk by a large print ad for Guess Jeans Raven zips back into the shot and defaces the model by “crossing her eyes” with a Sharpie. INT. DINING ROOM - NIGHT/FLASHBACK 11 YEAR OLD Sydney helps her mother set the table. INT. GIRL SCOUT BASE - DAY Sydney distributes cupcakes to the troupe. (CONTINUED)

2. CONTINUED: ALEXIA (V.O.) Sydney was always a natural people pleaser. Some would argue a kissass, but she was totally genuine like the love child of Charlotte York and Rachel Ray. INT. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL HALLWAY - DAY/FLASHBACK 11 YEAR OLD RAVEN gets the attention of a...


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