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Why Is Studying Abroad so Hot?

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Why Is Studying Abroad So Hot?
  If you are a careful observer, you’ll find that many students are preparing for TOELF and IELTS. More and more students want to go abroad for study nowadays, even those junior and senior high school students. If I’m given a chance to study abroad, I’ll grasp it without any hesitation. Why is studying abroad so hot? The answer to this question involves three factors. Because it widens our knowledge and horizons, creates an environment for foreign language learning and cultivates our independent living abilities.
  To begin with, studying abroad provides us with an access to advanced knowledge. In recent years, China’s science and technology have been increased so rapidly. While compared with the developed countries, we still have a long way to go. If we study abroad, we may have chances to be students of those top-level experts. In this case, we can be informed of the latest scientific knowledge. So we can make greater contributions to the development of China.
  In addition, studying abroad is easier for us to learn a foreign language, especially for us English majors. There’s a well-recognized theory that the best way to learn a foreign language is to go to a country where that language is spoken. Suppose we are studying in America, we’ll be immersed in an English-speaking setting. All the ads, instructions, bills and so on are in English. We speak English not only on campus but also off campus. There’s no doubt it will greatly improve our English. It can even make our English learning more flexible and interesting.
  Last but not least, studying abroad can cultivate our abilities to live independently. When we’re abroad, we’ll be far away from home. We may find it hard to get used to the weather, food and living habits. Without the care of parents and companion of friends, we must feel lonely and scared. But life needs to go on. After the first miserable phase, we may fore ourselves to go out to talk with others and make...


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