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Traffic and Housing Problems

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With generally increasing urban populations, almost every metropolitan city, from New York to Shanghai, from Paris to Tokyo,   is denounced by endless traffic congestions and soaring house prices. Despite of the disappointed fact, people are flocking into those big cities, which aggravates the situation. So some people put forward an idea that   gigantic corporations and plants and their respective employees should be moved to suburban areas. But my concern is how this would be done, by policy force or marketing force?

It is a plausible approach to lessen traffic burden and control housing problems in cities because both problems are the adverse side effects of overpopulation to some extent. After relocating big manufacturers and companies to countryside, some of their workers may choose to live in the countryside near the working places. (It's also possible that others want to stay in cities since they have already had too many connections to the place.) Therefore city population would be soon downsized so as to be less traffic heading to CBD at peak hours and more living space available around those areas.

And the essential reason why I disagree this proposal is that government should devote more effort in improving infrastructure, such as building more flyovers and tunnels. On the other hand, companies could implement a flexitime system as more of works these days are done by creative and cognitive skills. Researches show that workers of this sort could accomplish tasks better in a high degree of autonomy.

Generally what I don't favor is to dispel some city dwellers to other places on behalf of all the citizens, nevertheless as a matter of fact, the invisible hand of market is doing this job for us slowly. Moreover, there're plenty of other solutions we could address to these social dilemmas.

It is undeniable that traffic and housing problems are becoming more and more prominent in major cities.   Take the city I am living in for example:...


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