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Evolution - Essay

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Thesis statement:
Evolution a theory, that got people confused world-widely and started a two-group war (Religious vs. Scientific).
Argument 1:
(statement)First,I am going to start by saying that I am against evolution due to the lack of evidence to support it. Reasons why religious groups don't support evolution.
a.)Generally speaking, evolution is hated mostly by religious groups, not because of the fact were the ancestors of apes but the fact the Earth was created by the incident called “The Big Bang Theory”.This basically says that two rocks clashed creating a single celled bacteria and it goes on from there.
  b.)Particularly this idea is unsatisfying for religious people as it states that earth was created by a bang and not a supernatural power was involved to create Earth.
c.)As a result followers of “The Big Bang Theory”,are the Scientific party compared to the religious party who don't believe in evolution.

Argument 2:
(statement)Secondly, if evolution was to be true, why isn't there any humans evolving now ?
a.)As a result, a lot of people argue about this question because they believe in order for apes to evolve it took millions of years. This is untrue because the Earth is only around a couple thousand year's old, proved by scientists who examine fossils(fossils must have no traces of oil spill as it may alter the numbers)
b.)On the other hand, critics believe that were not evolving yet because human's are adapting to current environment. Reality is were humans started developing allergies to almost everything which clearly means were not adapting well but still no signs of evolution
c.)As usual scientists keep coming with new ideas to support the theory of evolution, with no hard evidence to prove it.

Argument 3:
(statement)Furthermore, Charles Darwin theory hasn't helped in proving Evolution, but adding more ideas to what may happen for an organism to evolute.
a.)Charles Darwin law explains...


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