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Lab Report

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1. Aim Page 3
2. Equipment         Page 4
3. Circuit Diagrams         Page 6
4. Method/Procedure   Page 7
4. Conclusion Page 9


For this assignment I aim to accomplish a better understanding of an RC filter (Resistor Capacitor) which is a circuit that comprises of at least one capacitor and resistor and the circuit must also be driven by a voltage or current source. Understanding this will enable me to demonstrate my knowledge based on this report about Resistor Capacitor Filters.

For the experiment, we were provided with five different types of equipment. The electronic equipment that we used was indeed very essential in order to carry out the experiment. The following equipment that was used in this experiment is as follows:

Resistance Decade Box – Is a variable resistor used for limiting the amount of current that flows within the circuit.

Capacitor – Is an electronic device that serves an important role within electronics. It functions by collecting and storing electricity. Capacitors are made up of 2 equally charged conducting surfaces having opposite signs and separated by a dielectric which is the insulator.

Signal Generator – Also known as a function generator is an electrical hardware device that allows the user to adjust frequency, output voltage, impedance, waveform, and modulation. In this experiment we are using the signal generator in conjunction with the oscilloscope.

Oscilloscope – An oscilloscope is an electrical hardware device that measures voltage and frequency.

Four wires and 2 cable connector wires – To connect to the resistance decade box, signal generator and oscilloscope.

(The equipment list is visually represented in the images below)

Circuit Diagrams

The 2 circuit diagrams below illustrate how my group and I set up the equipment mentioned above.

Low Pass Filter


High Pass Filter



As you can see from the...


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