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india and bangladesh relationship

Bangladesh and India are part of the Indian Subcontinent and have had a long common cultural, economic and political history. The cultures of the two countries are similar; in particular Bangladesh and India's states West Bengal and Tripura are all Bengali-speaking. However, since the partition of India in 1947, Bangladesh (formerly East Bengal and East Pakistan) became a part of Pakistan.
but india and bangladesh relation become more strong when pakistan attack on bangladesh that is  

Liberation War of 1971,in which Bangladesh request india for military helpand with the help of india they defeat pakistan.

About 250,000 Indian soldiers fought for, and 20,000 losing their lives for the cause of an independent Bangladesh. Before the war, India sheltered over 10 million refugees, Hindus and Muslims, who were fleeing the atrocities of the occupying West Pakistan Army

Bangladesh gained its independence and established relations with India. The political relationship between India and Bangladesh has passed through cycles of hiccups.

In 1972, both the countries signed a ‘Treaty of Friendship and Peace’. An Indo-Bangladesh Trade Pact was also signed.

friends as we know india is a big country it shears it's border with pak china nepal bangladesh bhutan etc
so it is vary imp for india that the relation between these countary   must be good because of terror threat.
gentelman as we know china and pak are not reliable countary so it is vary imp that our relation with bangladesh
must be good.
coz if we have good relation with bangladesh it can stop infiltration of terrorist which is india's biggest problem.

how can we make our relation ship strong =cricket other sports event by giving financial help coz bang is not vary rich countary.


in the end i want to say if india and bangladesh want more strong relationship   then thay have to work on following matter

1)A major area of contention has been the...


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