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Abortion, Pro-Choice

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Abortion is a highly ethical issue in today’s society. First, abortion is an ethical issue because it deals with the state laws. The main idea is to prove why it should be legalized in every state. If one country can clearly prove that abortion is helping minors and adults, this can show to other countries how effective abortion can be for women. Abortion is known as many things depending on your background and how you were raised. Through these reasons, abortion remains a main debated topic in society.
Ethics is defined as a theory or system of moral values. In other words ethics can be defined as a family set of values or even one’s personal set of values. Values can be defined as the standard one life by and are taught throughout one’s life. Perception means the process, act, or gift of one’s senses. Also, beliefs can be defined as the state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing. The topic of abortion has to do with the term ethics because for most people it is not what their system of moral values would anticipate. Also, values relates to abortion because a majority of people do not want to go against what they have been taught throughout their whole life. Furthermore, the term perception relates to the topic of abortion, because the patient who is seeking to have an abortion and needs to finds a doctor who will not judge or distort the request for the procedure in order to proceed with the abortion. Finally, beliefs have a large role in abortion because it is against many people’s religion to receive an abortion. All in all, ethics, beliefs, perception and values have a great impact on the issue of abortion.
Abortion is a highly debated topic throughout the United States. I believe it is ethical to have abortion legal in the U.S because women have the right to choose. Although, I do believe it should be legal, I also feel that women under the age of 18 should have to be approved by their parents to have the abortion....


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