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Macbeth, Men Are Responsible for Their Fate

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Men are human beings in which have many flaws in decision making.   In Macbeth created my William Shakespeare, Macbeth creates his destiny through his actions. With wisdom from his best friend Banquo saying not to believe such hideous witches yet Macbeth still chooses to believe the sisters, allowing a great ambitious desire for power to overcome his conscience and judgment. The choice that Macbeth makes to believe the sisters and Lady Macbeth a vile lady shows that his fate was brought upon by his wishes. Macduff and Duncan also emphasizes that their decisions were responsible for their fate. Throughout the play Macbeth has many chances to disbelieve the fate spoken of by the sisters yet his actions by believing the sisters or not illustrates his fate was brought down by his freewill.
Macbeth desires and ambition for power had created a fate that had sprung him to a tragic death. Macbeth had clearly heard the prophecy in which the witches have said “All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter!” was his choice whether to believe it or not.   With his bare hands he had murdered   Duncan clearly verifies that it was his choice to be king or not to be. His desire and ambition had created a hatred that dug a hole in his heart to annihilate whoever deceived him without hesitation. His satisfaction to be the rightful king never left him even with warning from Banquo “The instruments of darkness tell us truths win us with honest trifles, to betray’s in deepest consequence.” He had yet still faith in the witches, even if he had to send a death warrant for his best friend and his son whom only looked upon Macbeth as a faithful friend and uncle.
Macduff and Duncan are also luminous men who are responsible for their fates. Duncan a respected king was a man in which had a big flaw. This was “to find the mind’s construction in the face” in which he trusted anyone that set out a good impression by their appearance. By having such a flaw led to his crushing death by his very...


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