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Failure Is the Key of Success

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|Diagnostic Test                                                                                                                       |
|Course Name(s)                       |Communication and Presentation Skills                                                           |
|                                     |English Composition and Comprehension                                                           |
|Class                               |BS III (CS and SE)                                                                               |
|Semester                             |Fall 2010                                                                                       |
|Credit Hours                         |3 / 3 / 0                                                                                       |
|Instructor                           |Kumail Raza Hemani                                                                               |
|Aim of the test                     |To test the grammatical foundation along with writing abilities                                 |

Find out the error in the following sentences. Mark the error and correct it, please note that you cannot change the structure or context of the statement. A single error has to be pointed out and corrected

1. How quick he runs.
2. Neither DeAndre nor I are to follow.
3. The desk and the chair sits in the corner.
4. Each of us were scheduled to take the test.
5. The coach, not the players, have been ill.
6. There is only four days until Christmas.
7. She is one of the women who works hard.
8. That was Yusuf and me whom you saw.
9. This phone call is for Bill and I.
10. Terrell is the smartest of the two.
11. It was I whom called.
12. It is us clerks who work hard.
13. He took the plate off of the table.
14. None of the neighbors offered his support.
15. They mailed the copies to him and I.
16. Neither of the candidates have spoken.
17. How will you be effected...


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