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Reading vs Television

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Know how many books we would read if it were not for television?

Know how many books we would read if it were not for television?

    Watching television has increased over the past years; just turn on the television and everything is set, no family troubles, no failures for the day, and the children are quiet.   The way watching television has increased; it has caused many people to change their likes, their way of looking at life and the way that they enjoy their free time.   Many people spend less time reading, one can say reading has gone out of style.   Reading should be for pleasure, to improve one’s knowledge, to expand ones’ culture, to have more fun, to make imagination fly, to find new ways to express ones ideas, and finally to expand ones’ vocabulary.
    Books are always readily available, people can find history, tragedies, comedies, medical, and the list goes on.   People who read more often have a wider knowledge of life and also a wider perspective and appreciation of their environment.   Whereas children could dream and have fun with their imagination while reading, adults should not forget the importance of reading themselves; to use their imagination. It represents a tool and a wealth of information that could help them to develop their professional career in a creative way and allow them to communicate with greater fluency professionally. Books teach us, both personally and professionally, we learn to use the vocabulary, we learn to communicate, and most of all we enjoy just enjoy the simple thing as reading.    
    Should people read more often?   One should move with the times, with the use of technology; television, Internet, and cell phones to improve and expand ones knowledge but one should not forget that books can also do the same.



"Pony Express" by Lynn Hummel

Reading vs Television by Peary Perry


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