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Freedom Does Not Mean License but Wisdom to Choose What Is Right for Oneself

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Q.1 What dost the past want us to do before putting flowers upon the feet of Gok?
Ans He wants us to fill our house with the fragrance of love.
Q.2 What should we remove from our hearts first?
Ans We should remove darkness of sin from our hearts
Q.3 What should we learn before bowing our heats ion prayer?
Ans We should learn to bow in humility before bowing our heads in prayer.
Q4. What should we do before asking God for forgive ness for our own sins?
Ans We should for give people who have sinned against us before asking God to forgive our sins.
Q.1 What does the post mean by darkness in our hearts? How can removing this darkness help us in the eyes of God?
Ans By darkness in our hearts the post refers to the sins committed by us. Getting rid of our sins will make the ritual of placing lighted candles before the after acceptable to him.
Q.2 Who are the ‘down-trodden’? What can we do to lift them?
Ans Down-trodden are those people who are treated so badly by rich and powerful people that-they no longer have the energy to fight back we can lift them up by giving them support. love, care and giving them their due.
Q3. Why is it nessary, to for give others before asking for giveness?
Ans It is necessary because God will forgive you only when you will for give the4 fellow human beings who have done bad deeds against you.
Q4. What should we do before asking God for forgiveness for our own sins?
Ans We should for give people who have harmed us by their bad deeds. This will earn us the right to ask for forgiveness from God.
Q.1 In what kind of scholarship did king bhoj believe?
Ans King bhoj believed in that king of scholarship which strives relentlessly to extend the limits of human knowledge.


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