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Behavioral Essay/Contract:

Mary Reed
PSY 102 Modules 3

Behavior is brought about in many different ways. It may be real graphic, imagined, or an imitation of the real thing. Many behaviors are due to the nature in which   they are brought about within the persons and or persons   and or the situation in which certain behaviors are preformed. In this particular situation I will attempt to describe the behavior adjustments due to the excessiveness of eating junk food.
Many people turn to eating junk food when they are mad, stressed out, or have that craving for it. Some people look at it as an escape route to help solve their problems and to have something to do to pass the time. In most evaluations, excessive eating of junk food happens in obese people and in those who are stressed out. They tend to eat more then the average person and the consumption sometimes tends to harm the body and sometimes causes excessive weight gain in most cases.
In obese people excessive junk food make spike a junk in high blood pressure and some times diabetes causing a great deal of threat to the person’s body and health. While obese people may have high blood pressure and or diabetes it also causes a threat to people that are what we may call “ average or skinny”. They have risks as well and may become sick by not having the amount of nutrition or vitamins that they should have and may become sick and some times hospitalized due to mal- nutrition.
In other cases stress can make a person eat junk food as an escape route of either being upset about something, scared, trouble with school work, a pop quiz, and or personal and relationship problems. There are many reasons that people turn to junk food to satisfy themselves and or to just satisfy a sweet tooth.
In a Recent survey done by my self, I found that more than fifty percent of people turn to junk food to cure a sweet tooth. Some say that its because of the mood they be in while other say when they see them...


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