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Response to a Novel

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Response to a novel.
By Luke De Munari.

Watch out for Jamie Joel by Mike Dumbleton.
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Jamie turned up today; she had a brief meeting with Angela.   Angela said Jamie seemed very positive and keen to make a go of school this term.   I am very pleased Jamie seems to have the right mindset towards her schooling, after all she’s been through.

Cathy Lee saw me about some funding issues regarding the Breakfast Club.   She certainly seems happy with her life these days.   When I mentioned this, she told me that she and Stewart were very happy and had decided to get married at Christmas time.   She felt much more at ease since her ex husband had been jailed.

Nick Kelland is a real concern of mine, since his last suicide attempt, trying to saw through the gas
pipe in the Science Lab, he has tried to steal an orbital sander and an electrical drill from the tech
department, thank goodness he didn’t get far down the corridor when he met Proden who
promptly directed him straight to my office, with the stolen goods.   I have not let him out of my sight since.

Warren Horrowitz didn’t like the way someone looked at
him in the playground, so he ran over and hit him and started a fight.   Warren is running out of chances, I don’t know if another suspension is the right option for him, will meet with Angela tomorrow to discuss what action to take.
Mel Richter is still into body piercing, and was reported for trying to pierce her eyebrow this time, using her bent paper clip and compact mirror setup – have confiscated these items.   It appears Angela and I are going to have a heavy workload this term already.

A new term, a new beginning.   So far Proden hadn’t made Jamie real angry and she hadn’t needed to leave his classroom to cool down.   Jamie knew that now she had decided to return to school, she had to make it work.   Every day she remained at school was a victory for her.   She had made this decision for her sake and Dominic’s – if their...


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