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Ethical Issue on Human Cloning

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ETHICAL ISSUE ON HUMAN CLONING In our contemporary world science has so developed that it has almost taken the place of God, something’s that are exclusively the reserve of God has been ventured into by science, one of such issues is CLONING, the latest bio-technological development that deals with the cloning of human being. This development has generated a lot of controversy. In this work attempt would be made to expose the ethical issues involved in human cloning. Cloning could mean producing two or more persons that are the same, and function exactly the same like the original person simultaneously, and could be used to replace the exact original person that was duplicated. The first human cloning took place in September 1993, at G. Washington University by a group of researchers, lead by Jerry Hall and Dr. Robert Stillman, they multiplied 17 microscopic human embryos in to 48 to produced the first human clone. It is an artificial reproduction from the cell. From the explanation of what cloning   means it follows that any attempt to clone human being would lead to duplication of an individual performing the same function, this no doubt is a basic problem to humanity, ethically we are going to analyze the issues involve in cloning. Ethically it is wrong to have two different individuals that have the same capability in I.Q., character, complexion, technological ability, and everything etc to exist the same time, this would arise to problem of mistaken identity, also it has negate the natural law of nature, even in the case of identical twins there are still medical means of differentiating them, but in the case of cloned persons the case cannot be said to be the same, nature has design every human person to be different from each other, hence the unique characteristic that could not even be shared by identical twins or children from the same biological parents. Cloning would on its own destroy the value of death, death has its own role to play in the human...


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