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3 Main Difficult Situations in Interview - Ways to Handle

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3 Main Difficult Situations in Interview - Ways to Handle

Difficult Situations
1. If I were asked how much starting pay I expected, what should I say?
Name a figure higher than what you really expect so that it can be negotiated down later.

Respond that I would like salary commensurate with my experience, and the responsibilities of the position.

Respond that money is not important, and you would be willing to work there for any price.
2. if I need time to think, what should I do?
Asked to be excused so you can go to the washroom.
Ask the interviewer a question that you think might take some time to answer.
Calmly take a few moments to think
3. if the question was unexpected and difficult to answer, what should I do?
Say that you would prefer not to answer that question
Pretend that you misunderstood the question, and give a different answer
Take some time to think then try to answer the question as concisely as you can

Do This before Going to Interview
Going for a job interview? Do the first ten minutes really count when it comes to getting hired? The person interviewing you can often decide within the first ten minutes, whether he is hiring you or not! So, isn’t it important to give your best in the first ten minutes? Wondering how you can give and portray your best in just ten minutes?
Here’s how…
1. Project self confidence and enthusiasm.
Remember, we are not talking about “over-confidence”. Appear self-assured and confident. Don’t speak out of turn or talk loud, to convey your confidence and enthusiasm. Appearing in control is very important.
2. Cool, calm & collected
Whatever your fears, make sure you appear cool, calm and collected at the interview. Who doesn’t have pre-interview jitters? But the secret is to get them under control and portray a calm façade. Staying calm also helps you think straight and give the right answers to questions asked.
3. Dress to impress
the first thing the interviewer will see when you enter is the...


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