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Mega events:
A mega event is something that is of a high profile that runs for a fixed duration of time on a short term basis. All over the world there seems to be an interest linked to a mega event. Also there is a sustainable and measurable economic outcome from a mega event.
The event in the end doesn’t necessarily have to be financially successful, but it will have some sort of impact on the economy as a hole for example by generating tourism and infrastructural improvements. It also improves employment in both short term and long term basis.
A mega event also involves political role playing in terms of decision making and the strategies of a country’s government.   It can be either on a direct basis but the policy can also be indirect. The states usually advocate for the economic benefit that a mega event would have for the country. A mega event is conceived as an economic initiative.
Mega events don’t take place yearly. They have their own unique duration; the time of which they take place in is related the place where it takes place, examples of this is the Olympics Games in Athens in 2004. The place that a mega event takes place in dose not necessarily has to be a city. It can be a country like for example Germany hosted the World Cup in soccer in 2006.
These events do not have to be linked to sports. Exhibitions can also be classified as a mega event, for example the town of Hanover in Germany hosted the EXPO-exhibition in 2000.

The impacts that mega events have on the host country
Mega events have an impact on tourist arrival in the host country. When a mega event is taking place in a certain country it results in a great amount of tourists visiting that particular country.

The growth of the tourism industry in South Africa over the last two decades signal the country’s ability to sustainably export travel services, improving the balance of payments, creating jobs and boosting economic growth (Fourie 2010). The South African travel and...


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