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Fixing a Continental Divide: Canadian and American Relations

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The fundamental power of a country is by its government and leader.   When two countries lie side-by-side with a disparity in size and power, and very different populations and economies, it is crucial for both leaders of these countries to develop good relationships.   When it comes to Canadian and American relations, both leaders in these countries need to search for common ground.   With Prime Minister Chretien and President Bush, it is a factor of a Democrat versus a Republican.   These political leaders must be given opportunity to narrow the political and personal gaps that divide them.   Opinions and views from both sides must cultivate a solid foundation in order to present a good impression.   The hostility and competition between Canada and the United States propose a greater threat for both countries through its resolutions in the war against Iraq, agreements within North American free trade, and socio-economic imbalances existing amongst both countries.

More and more countries are being forced to experience first hand the savagery and ruthlessness of today’s increasing terrorism.   Despite whether the United Nations deliver a resolution endorsing force on Saddam Hussein to comply with international demands or not, President Bush believes the United States will assemble a coalition to wage war with Iraq.   Prime Minister Chretien puts emphasis on Canadian support of the United Nations.   However, Canada opposes the tough United States resolution against Iraq while making Canada increasingly dependent on the Americans to defend Canadians by their chronic neglect of Canada’s rapidly shrinking and poorly-equipped armed forces.   The Canadian government debates whether to be part of the United States alliance in the war against Iraq.   Nevertheless, Canada goes to work with those many member nations that are committed to ensuring that every single humanly conceivable effort is taken to prevent war (Spencer, 2002).     The motivation of...


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