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Matthew Howell
Christi Bandelin 
The idea began with some visionaries in the 1920’s, some students and teachers   got together after their small Baptist Collage “Montezuma College” was closed.   There idea was to open a college with their same values and teach the Christian way to all that wanted to listen to the glory of God. This idea was put on the back burner until the mid 1940’s when a pastor put a silver dollar on a wooden table and proclaimed that this was the first donation for a Christian university. Soon many donations followed from a jar of pennies to one hundred dollar donations from former Montezuma College alumni. In 1949 the first classrooms started with 93 students in Prescott Arizona. After a couple years of financial drought the campus moved to where it is now in Phoenix Arizona Their was lots of hard work by lots of people over the next 19years, and it finally paid off in 1968 when the North Central Academics accredited them and they soon excelled in sports and academics.
The question remains has the university changed over the years or has it kept its Christian values as the founders saw it? In My opinion it is hard for anything to stay the same in this fast passed world that we live in. Things have to evolve with time, but some things can stay the same. I believe that the Christian idea is still there with today’s online ministry and the services that they provide. Look at Social Security today. It is running out, but that is to be expected when social security was never supposed to be a retirement plan. It was only supposed to be used for a supplement plan to help with retirement. The plan never evolved with the times, and had to many fingers in the cookie jar now it is in big trouble. Grand Cannon University was one or the first non-profit Christian university in the country, but was running in to financial trouble. In 2003 Grand Canyon Education, Inc. was formed in Delaware in November 2003 for the purpose of acquiring...


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