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Why do NATS use tests and questionnaires?
Employers are increasingly incorporating tests and questionnaires into their selection procedures. The rationale behind this is that when professionally interpreted, they provide more objective, more reliable and more relevant information about the likelihood of individuals’ job success and satisfaction. This leaflet is designed to introduce you to the sort of test and questionnaires that we use, and to help you prepare for them. How can tests help you? • • • • They will help you find a job or profession for which you are suited. They are chosen so that the skills and attributes involved are relevant to the job. They are carefully designed and researched so that they are fair to all applicants. Taking them will enable you to demonstrate your strengths.

How do tests help us? • • • • We get the people best suited to do the job or complete the training. We find out where you may best be placed in our organisation. They give us objective measures of strengths and limitations. Those who do well on the tests are usually successful in the job itself.

What sort of tests will you have to do? These will typically be paper and pencil tests using a multiple choice format. The tests are based on the skills selected as relevant for the job. For air traffic work, these could include: • • • Basic checking. Rotating 3-dimensional shapes in 2 dimensions. Following diagrammatically coded instructions.

You may also be asked to complete a self report questionnaire which asks you to assess yourself against a number of statements. These typically look at: • • • Relationships with people. Thinking styles. Energy and emotions.

In order to familiarise you with the kind of questions that may be asked, there are a number of practice questions on the following pages. Read the instructions carefully in each case, and using the answer sections provided, work through the questions as quickly and as accurately as you can, bearing in mind that...


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