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Q1: When did the writer enter the inhospitable regions of examinations?
Ans: The writer entered the inhospitable regions of examinations when he had scarcely passed his twelfth birthday.
Q2: For how many years was the writer destined journey through these exams?
Ans: The writer destined journey through these exams for seven years.
Q3: Why were these exams a great trail for the writer?
Ans: These exams were a great trail for the writer because the exams contained the questions about the subjects which he did not like.
Q4: What were the favourite subjects of Churchill?
Ans: He liked history, poetry and writing essays.
Q5: What kind of questions did the examiners ask?
Ans: The examiners asked those questions about which Churchill did not have any idea.
Q6: What were the favourite subjects of examiners?
Ans: The favourite subjects of examiners were Latin & Mathematics.
Q7: Who was Mr. Welldon?
Ans: Mr. Welldon was the Headmaster at Harrow public school he was a very sane and broadminded person.
Q8: Why did Mr. Welldon pass Churchill into Harrow?
Ans: Mr. Welldon passed Churchill into Harrow because he reckoned his hidden qualities from his Latin paper. He was a man of capable of looking beneath the surface of the things.

Q9: How did Churchill solve his Latin paper?
Ans: He attempted his Latin paper in a very poor way. He wrote his name at the top of the page. Then he wrote down the number of question.
Q10: What happened incidentally to Churchill’s Latin Paper?
Ans: Incidentally there arrived a blot & several smudges on the paper gazed
For two whole hours at this sad scene.
Q11: Where was Churchill placed in Harrow?
Ans: he placed in the thereat to west division of the fourth or bottom.
Q12: What was the number of Churchill in the school list?
Ans: His number was only two from the bottom of the whole school. These boys also left the school and he began last on the list.
Q13: Why did Churchill gain no advantage from his name?
Ans: His...


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