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I stared hard into the bare wall in front of me, with my body slumped in between broken chairs and tables. Millions of glass shards scatter all around me. Picking one of them up, I look into the glass shard. A scarred face woman stared back at me. Looking into her intense hollow eyes, her life began flashing back to me, like a video tape.

She had friends to support on, her parents doted on her.   Life was perfect. Until a rumour surfaced in school. A rumour that took away her friends and their trust in her. It was a rumour far beyond the truth but nobody would listen to her when she tried explaining.   “Slut”, “Whore”, “Dog”, names started aiming towards her. One by one, her friends turned against her,   and friendship became a stranger to her. For weeks, nobody talked to her, she felt as if she was the only living soul in school. She did not feel safe in school anymore. So, she bid farewell to her school and sought safety in her parent’s arms.

        However, it did not turn out to be what she had hoped. Everytime she came back home, she would be greeted by screams and cries from her parents. It was World War II all over again. She goes into her room and crawls up into the bed, wishing it would be over soon. When the mayhem and fighting finally stopped, she could hear her mother’s soft wimpers, and then a loud thud from the main door would echo throughout the house, signalling that her father had just left the house only to come back again drunk. Everyday, this cycle would repeat itself. Her only pillars of support had tumbled down onto her. She longed for a mother’s warmth, a father’s security. Then she realized, the place she grew up in had become a war zone. Now, even her own house was devoid of its safety. Desperate, she turned to artificial safety. Unreal safety. Drugs.

        At first, it gave her happiness, something that she have not felt for months. She found safety in them, they gave her feelings that she longed for. She felt free,...


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