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Blog Wars Analysis

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Blog Wars Analysis

As our nation evolves technologically and scientifically, the way in which we behave changes. In our personal lives, we become more efficient and are capable of accomplishing more, but also our ways of interacting with and influencing people around us has changed. The political world has started to feel the effects of blogs on important votes, such as the presidential bid of Howard Dean and the primary challenge of Ned Lamont. The film Blog Wars analyzes the influence of blogs specifically in the case of Ned Lamont taking down Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary of 2006. It shows how bloggers decided Joe had to go, chose a candidate, and propelled him forward to victory. While it’s goal is to demonstrate the rising importance of the blogosphere in the political world, it stays honest to reality, admitting that it’s goal is long term, and right now the blogs are not effective enough to win the senate seat.
During George W. Bush’s State of the Union address, the President gave Joe Lieberman an embrace, and what some people believe was a rack on the cheek. This incident became known as “the Kiss”, and became a rallying point for Democrats who felt Joe was too right wing. Those who were opposed to him congregated on the Blogs, eventually throwing their support behind Ned Lamont and helping him upset Lieberman in the primary. Blog Wars presents an interpretation of the events that took place in a way that shows the bloggers as being a major force in the campaign, and as the primary being the point where bloggers truly showed that they are a force to be reckoned with in modern politics.
One interesting point to note is that in the confessionals, other than bloggers, the only other person being interviewed is not Ned Lamont, but Joe Lieberman, the very person the bloggers are standing up against. In fact, this interview comes right at the beginning of the film. It is a statement telling the viewers that the point of the film is not to...


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