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Jessenia Roman.                                 10-3-10
English 10E.                                     Mrs.corcione

      Tess experiences a hard time in her life. As a teenager she was raped by a man name Alec D'urbavilles. Ironically she ends up being married to him, only because she was pressured. Tess ends up killing him because he caused her and Angel to be apart for the second time. As her lawyer I shall prove her innocence to keep her from execution.
          Alec D'urbavilles raped Tess. Tess being harrased by Alec, finally gives in to marrying Alec. Once when Angel comes back for Tess her "true love" she is full of anger because not only can she not be with the man she really loves because she is now with Alec but now she is stuck with the man who took away her innocense.
      I think anyone would be full of hatred   and would have done what Tess has. Even though killing is a crime, Tess is innocent because she had a reason. This goes for the saying "an eye for an eye". Alec took away Tess's innocence without her permission and so he had to pay with his life. If the court still wanted a punishment to be done I think it would be that she would not be able to be with Angel and she would have to do labor for what she has done.
    As I said, I think Tess should not be executed because she had a reason. She was raped and is a victim. Full of anger and sadness she killed her rapist. This to me doesn't sound lile a murderer but a victim.


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