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Montana 1948

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* “Illinois House The of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to impeach Governor Rod Blagojevich on the morning of January 9, 2009 on the grounds of abuse of power as the state's chief executive.” (Robbins, 2009)

  * Even though power is needed to have a well-run government, many politicians abuse their power.   For example, the arrest of Rod Blagojevich and Uncle Frank raping Native American girls because no one will catch him if he says he is just doing his job as a doctor.
  * “Frank’s always been impartial to red meat.” (Watson, 1993)
  * This connects to my J.O.T. essay because in the book Montana 1948, Uncle Frank had always seemed to have a special place for the Native Americans in his mind and heart.   This was not at all suspicious until his place for he grew larger and larger and he had become obsessive over them.   Uncle Frank took it over the edge once David and his family found out that the place in his mind and heart was nothing but the worst of the worst of places possible.   They found out that he was raping and abusing the Native American women and girls while he only said he was doing his job of being a doctor.   He took advantage of them at any point he could and he did many cruel and unacceptable things to them.
  * To me Uncle Frank represents the morally conscious outcast of the family who is rarely accepted in modern society. He spoils Wesley's son, David, much to his father's dismay. He's very ethical, he had the option to ignore it or change facts to save his brother but he couldn't for Wesley didn't believe in lying. He peered deeper and harder in to every clue to find the horrible truth that he honestly didn't want to find. He is frustrated to the brink of insanity fighting within him-self over what he should do. He gives David anything he could wish for including a rifle and a horse, which his father disapproved of highly. In a nutshell Wesley Hayden is an unhappy man, with a job he doesn't like, and family...


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