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The Departure of a Behemoth

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                                          (‘010 Class)
The arrival of the so-called phenomenal class (‘010 class) to the College of Medicine, UNTH, in 2004 has been a serious threat to the age long jinxes and diverse unconstitutional traditions that have pillaged the College prior to their advent. Whether these constellations of starry colossi are genetically selected or a mere phenomenon of chance still eludes my inquiry mind.
In the area of scholarship, these juggernauts of academic prowess have distinguished themselves as vanguards of innovation, primus interpares and ne plus ultra in every sense of academic excellence, all culminated in their incomparable achievements in their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th MBBS exams. What could be said about such academic titans—Pope, Ezeagozie, Igboerika, Magnus Felix, just to mention but a few. The elucidation of their academic feats no doubt is beyond the scope of this article.
The ever intimidating presence of Kaka,   Presido (010 strikers) and a thousand and one other sportsmen & women of ‘010 have over the years proved indomitable in the areas of sports and other out-door games both at UNMSA, NIMSA, & SUG levels. The National Chess Champion, Enemchukwu Benjamin, could not have come from another class other than the ‘almighty’ ‘010 class! These men are indeed skillful, tactful, thoughtful and incredibly...em, em, em- wonderful!
No doubt, ‘010 class has defined the word ‘versatile’ in all its ramifications. They’ve disparaged the ‘voluminous’ nature of medicine and delved into apparently all human endeavours. The unrelenting spirit of such political mongols like Dr. Smile, Nnanyelugo Nneka, Callimycin, Suskin, and countless others could hardly be seen in the so-called political scientists of our time. They won the confidence of their supporters with such great a strength, vigour, energy & dexterity that is not characteristic of a mundane man. In the business world, an ‘010 computer prodigy, a rare...


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