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Color of Water

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I think Ruth’s refusal to reveal her past influenced her children’s sense of themselves and their place in the world. She didn’t tell them because she didn’t want sympathy. Sympathy shows that you are weak. She created a big mystery for them and it closed them off from knowing a part of themselves. It taught her children to be strong and independent. To basically, do what you have to do and move on.
I don’t think my knowledge or lack of   knowledge about my family background shaped my own self-image at all.
considering she’s such a strong person.

Yes. The Mcbride children experienced a lot of ordeals throughout their lives. Without that experience they would not become doctors, writers, etc. Because of the hardships they were in they know how to work hard and the significance of it. They know the desperateness when being decadent. So when they grow up they will try their hardest to prevent that kind of life again, which will make them successful people.

I believe that both of these were factors. During their time, African Americans were discriminated and had much fewer rights than white people, so the McBride children naturally became involved in civil rights movements. They also were confused on their own identities, so I believe that fighting for civil rights for African American people was a way for them to feel that they belonged to that group of people. I also think that the Civil Rights Movement recognized that many oppressed minorities deserved more rights than they were getting, and that might’ve appealed to them.

4.Yes Helen did leave to escape her chaotic home life and also I think that it was because her mother confused her about who she was, but on top of that, her siblings weren’t helping by fighting with her and joking about her. I thought that Helen left because of how her siblings felt towards what she was doing (revolting against whiten people), they would laugh at her and make fun of what she really believed in. I think...


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