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Creating Capacity

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Creating Capacity out of Shortfall

      “I am the source of moving the economies. I have the power to make or mar the International diplomacy. I am the driving force that makes countries wage war and forge peace with each other. I have been the bone of contention ever since I was discovered. I have my contemporaries but none are as powerful yet, as I am. I have been hiding underneath the soil for millions of years. I am black gold.”

Fossil fuels are non-renewable energy sources since they need millions of years to form and its reserves are depleting much faster than the formation of new ones. The domination of Fossil Fuels will end one day. With its depletion, the supply will dwindle, the cost will go up and it will not be affordable any more for the domestic consumers and cost effective for the industrial consumer. This will shift the focus towards alternate energy sources giving the mankind freedom from the fossil fuel’s domination.

KAPCO being a thermal power station is fully dependent on the fossil fuels in one way or another to serve its purpose. Hence it is facing a lot of challenges right now. With its dynamic leaders and experienced and talented team it is meeting those challenges very well in this period of tremendous national demand of the electricity. What are the challenges and how KAPCO is meeting them is the main core of this story.

The Process:

Out of 15 units installed at KAPCO, 5 are Steam Turbines, 8 units can operate at Low Sulphur Furnace oil (LSFO), Gas and High Speed Diesel (HSD). 1 Turbine consumes about 30 Tons of LSFO or HSD per hour. This creates a demand of about 5500 Tons of furnace oil daily or about 1.5 Lac ton per month, rest of the 2 turbines operate at Gas and HSD only and require 1500 Tons of HSD daily or 45,000 Ton Per month. It is worth mentioning here that KAPCO is the only power plant in Pakistan that uses LSFO.

KAPCO receives fuel from Pakistan State Oil Company Limited (PSO) according to its Oil Supply...


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