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The Function of Science Is to Reassure; the Purpose of Art Is to Upset. Therein Lies the Value of Each.

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The topic is still debatable that which is better, Science or Art. I am against the motion that science sooths and arts broken you up. Science stands for reassurance do not suit. It seems bit imposing. Where as, the statement ‘the purpose of the art is to upset’ shows pessimistic thought of the supporter. How art of living can throw one into abyss? How a mellifluous music can upset one? And, how the knowledge of spirituality can lead a person to the dark? Even, this is art that exudes substances, spirituality and serenity. One can feel the coolness and solitude of the beauty of it.
Against the reassurance of science, I can give various examples. It is the scientific discovery which snatched the happy of Japanese in 1945. One Hydrogen bomb on Nagasaki and another on Hiroshima brought the dooms day in the history of the world. Till date, Japanese are not able to come out of that nightmare. People are physically handicapped from their childhood due to the long lasting effect of that nuclear power. But, in the present time Japanese are popular for their patriotism and nationalism, they are still able to save their art and culture.
I am not going to criticize one but the war between United States of America and Iraq is the result science and technologies. Scientific researches and discoveries in developed countries want more resources. And in order to get recourses they attack on developing nations. They are looting oil from Iraq. Every day they perform testing of nuclear energy and have objection if other countries like India, Pakistan, Iran and Israel do the same. These wars and polarization of the world is only the result of science.
Apart from it, science has its own advantages, it give one the new amplitude of cerebration process. If atomic energy causes destruction on the other hand it is source of energy that is widely used for the growth of human being. But the statement that art makes one upset does not seem of much value. Art is that key thing which made...


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