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Art vs Critique

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It is artist not the critique who gives society something of lasting vales.

"Arts, science and religion are the branches of same tree .All serve the
purpose of ennobling man from a sphere of mere physical existance to a
higher state of spiritual freedom"Einstein , father of modern physics, quoted
once.True indeed.Just like science and religion, arts are equally important
for consummation of contemparory human society.Let it be in the cave paintings
of primordial times or today's Louvre museum of France.Art of music, painting,
poetry,sculptures,filmography and equally the non conventional heterodox arts have
always provided the visionary social values to the coeveal society.
Critiques just perform the fuction of evaluating these mileuse.

Arts are not for just entertainment .They have always inspired the generation
to strive for a greated good.Art in any of the form ,if divine, motivates
the relisher.It inspires him as per the motif of the art.The human
bad qualities like racism,sexism,blind orthodoxity and war.They
have perform the function of diluting the parochial and selfish look
of the society.The architechture,paintings,sculptures and innovations
of Leonardo Da Vinci gave a society a higher level vision.The novels
of shakespere greatly motivated the society and showed the shotcomings
as well as the greatness of human mind.The novels of Jane Austin
though deterred by well known critiques served as a base and motivation
for later femal aspirants.Arts have allwayse mollified the intense
emotions between to rival society.Those were the coeval artists who
acted as catalyst to break the wall of Germany.We can not forget
that Beethowen , although deff,introduced the greatest music ever.
This was a great inspiration for all handicaps all over the world.It
shows the will power of human mind.Thus artists have always provided
with qualities of superior and borderless view.For them Humanity
is the religion and earth is only...


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