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Chapter 1
"Finally we can all have some rest!" Xiah said as he and the other DBSK members all went inside their apartment unit.
"I'm tired!" Jaejoong said.
"I want to sleep already," Micky said.
"I also want to sleep . . . . .Let's just all go to bed . . . ." U-Know said.
"Well . . . . .I want to eat . . . ." Max suddenly said.
The other DBSK members all looked at Max.
"You're still hungry?" Jaejoong asked. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.
"Hyung . . . .I am still hungry really . . . . " Max said with a pitiful expression on his face.
Jaejoong and the other DBSK members all laughed at Max.
"Sometimes I wonder how his future girlfriend will react regarding his appetite," Micky said with a laugh.
"I'm sure the poor girl will be totally shocked to death," Xiah said with a wide grin.
"Okay . . . .Okay . . . .Enough with the laughs. Let's just all go to bed," U-Know said again.
"But . . . . I really want to eat!" Max said again. He was looking at Jaejoong.
Jaejoong sighed. "Okay . . . .I'll fix you something to eat before I go to sleep. Just make sure you wash all dishes okay?"
"Yes . . . . hyung," Max announced.
It was already 11pm, but Max still couldn't sleep. He suddenly decided to turn on the computer. And browse the internet while he was trying to pass the time.
A friend of his told him to visit a site that his friend is currently active in.
He immediately typed in Multiply. He signed in and registered under a false name like what he usually does.
After several minutes of viewing his friend's site. He suddenly decided to just search randomly. He didn't know what to search for. So he just started to search for poems since the last time he went online he read a very wonderful love poem.
After typing in poems, he got several choices. He started to browse again. Then he started to to read a poem.
Falling In Love
Falling in love is a precious feeling
It expresses love and care for the one
You are in love with...


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