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The Apology

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By definition, the Socratic Method is a method of teaching by question and answer used to elicit truths from students.   Named after the Classical Greek philosopher Socrates, this is a form of inquiry and debate between individuals with opposing viewpoints based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas.   The most famous example of this method is evident in The Apology, which was written by Plato in observance of Socrates dialogue during his trial.
    Why was he disliked?   He is the gadfly, he tests and examines men.   Socrates’ philosophical questions made the leaders of society appear to be fools.   Because of this he was accused of introducing new deities, being a curious person, homosexuality with students, and teaching others to follow his example.   The following were the main four charges, two of which ultimately convicted him to death by hemlock; making the weaker argument appear stronger, corrupting the youth, failure to acknowledge Gods, and being a busy body.
    The first charges against Socrates arose from general prejudices that surrounded him over the years in Athens.   These general accusations were that Socrates was a physicalist and sophist; the charge of “investigating things beneath the earth and in the skies", and the charge of "making the weaker argument appear the stronger”.   The sophists were a group of orators who had discovered techniques of persuasion that allowed them to get a group of people to adopt the point of view, even though the sophists might be ignorant of the subject matter about which they were
speaking.   These individuals went from city to city and in particular trained young men who wanted to gain political power.   The sophists were distrusted by many in Athens.
    The second charges against Socrates were corruption of the youth.   This is consequence of his other charges.   Meletus, Socrates accuser, holds Socrates responsible for the corruption of the youth.   In...


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