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Do you know which TV serial is the most famous and commmon in the world? Lost is a very famous Tv serial nowadays. Jack is a character whose real name is Matthew Fox and Sawyer is one of Lost’s characters too and his real name is Josh Holloway. They are main characters of Lost. According to statistics % 49 prefer   Jack, nnext % 51 prefer Sawyer. Jack and Sawyer are different in many ways. Such as; approach to people and their characters.
Firstly, approach to people is very important because it   has effect on relationships. Jack and Sawyer live in desolate island because of plane accident. Jack symbolizm type of people who are helpful, intelligent,talkative and modest. For instance, on Lost Jack always helps to others. Moreover Jack is intelligent and always wants to be tolerant to his friends. He wants to solve their problems. If his friends argue, he can reconcile them and overcome the problems. Because his most important goal is escape from island. On the other hand, Sawyer is rival and opposite of Jack. Sawyer is a man who is vagabond, arrogant, bad-tempered, cruel and cheeky. He always studies only his own interests. He always thinks himself and does not do anything for others. He lives like a parazite.
Secondly,characteristics direct our lives. Jack is honest,friendly an logical man. If he has a problem he uses his logic and he can analyse the problem easily and fast. His most characteristics is leadership.Whereas, Sawyer’s characteristics are liar, selfish and ambitious. He has lots of psychologic problems because of his background. His parents made him disappointed in the past.
In concluding, approach to people and character is very important to be social and have good relationships in the social life. Which men symbolize your characteristics? Jack   or Sawyer?



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