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Comparative Essay (Taliban)

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Comparitive Essay: Rulers of Afghanistan and China
Have you heard about the Talibans that controlled Afghanistan? Comparing the Chinese government to the “government” that the Talibans created, the Chinese government is great.
In 1995, a group of the mujahideen named the Taliban formed in the war against the soviets. The Taliban means “students”. They started capture the city Kandahar and the surrounding provinces. They took over 34 provinces in 3 months. By September 1997, they took control the capital city Kabul and ruled from that time to 2001. Under the order of the head of Taliban, Mullah Mohammad Omar, they brought in Sharia, the Islamic law into Afghanistan. There were public executions and punishments in the soccer stadium. In the time they ruled, they banned a lot of activities: service, movies, television, videos, music, dancing etc. Man must have beards at a particular length. If the Talibs see anybody who go against the orders, they would give them punishments. Women don’t have rights, they are not suppose to leave their home without a male relative. If a women is caught wearing fingernail polish could have the fingertips cut off!!
Afghanistan under the control of Talibans always have wars. The stricted laws and disdainful behavior caused wars which killed a lot of armies on both sides. According to Pakistani military, they found a brainwash center for kids. Children about the age of 12-18 were turned into cold-blood killers, willing to be suicide bombers. There were four rooms in the center. Each wall has a brightly painted paint in contrast of the bad situation in the world. They say that the colorful painting is what is waiting for them in heaven.
There are also some similarities between Afghanistan and the Chinese government. They both have laws and rules that controls the people in the country, but in China, instead of limiting everything, they give us rights to do things. They give us freedom.
Can you see the difference between the...


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