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My Parents Bedroom

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Title: My Parents Bedroom NOTE TAKING (quotations, images, lists, notes)
-Very descriptive visualization -"Then I snap at the naked man with my teeth. He hits my face, this way and that, until my saliva is salted with blood. I spit in his face. Twice. He bangs my head on the floor, pinning my neck down, punching my left thigh." -Betrayal is one of the main concentrations in this story. -The father had to kill his own wife, in front of their children, because she was Tutsi. -Andre had to kill his pregnant wife. -"Hélène is soaked in blood and has been crawling through the dust. Her right foot is dangling on strings, like a shoe tied to the clothesline by its lace."

Author: Uwem Akpan NOTE MAKING (responses, connections, questions, observations)
-Deep sympathy and strong reaction to the actions taken -My response was grief stricken horror. It shows how horrible people can be, to even consider doing something like this to a nine year old girl is terrifying. What has the world come to? -Everybody turns against their own family. The Tutsi people are at a life or death time in their lives and helping them means you die. -The thought of this occurring is depressing. I can't imagine having to watch my dad murder my mom because of something she could not control. -This thought is even more horrific than anything. To imagine the pain he must have felt, the guilt, his thoughts as he did it, are all ridiculously horrid. He had to put an end to the two things that are usually the most important things to a man; the love of his life, and his unborn child. -A young girl, around nine, is suffering unimaginable pain over something she cannot control. She might not even know completely what it means to be Tutsi. No child deserves this pain and torture, especially over an uncontrollable factor.



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