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Unfair Children to Their Parents

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According to what happens these days, unfortunately and unexpectedly, parents are mostly treated harshly and disobied carelessly forgetting the fact that they work and strive hard   in order to make their children the best of the best.

Each mother and father has   paifully suffered helping her children grow and wanting to see them mature.How many times does the mother stay up late taking care of her child and feeding him/her the purest milk she has goy . The long suffering father goes to work tryign to make a living for his children. How much time   and money do they spend for their children so as to have them well educated? They both want to be guranteed that their own children are independent.Their main goal is to give bright future.

However, those poor parents are not treated the way it is supposed to be.Some of them have been kicked out of their houses because of an unacceptted reason.They are betraid instead of being rewarded.Their dreams of seeing their children obey them and help them go on are being destroied rather than being achieved.Enough is enough.

When will we make them laugh,smile and feel that they are parents of good children? It is time for us to give them their rights.We should do our best not like they did but much more.Let us all show our parents that they have children,not any children, but real ones on whome they can rely and by whome they can be helped.


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