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Parenting Rocomandation

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In present society, there are various types of parents. Probably they must be good parents in some ways, but also bad parents in some ways. It is really hard to find parents who know how to raise their children rightly and indeed carry it out. Actually, every parent wants to be a good father of mother, so they care for their children in the correct way they. These every behavior is certainly for their children, but, sadly, not all parents are good parent. There might be lots of conditions to become a good parent. So I cannot say everything to you. But I will tell you some basic conditions. I want you to listen and well-follow.
  You have to scold your children when they do something wrong. Pampering children is good for you and your children, but if it became too much, it would be all the more harmful. Do you know what it causes that you always overlook your children? They would insist on only their own views, they would not care about people’s thoughts, and they would not be considerate of others’ feelings. In that case, it would be possible that they were isolated from peer groups, or they would depend on their home too much. In serious case, they would, often, become Hiki Komori. In caring children, it is not only good thing to overindulge them. If you want to be a good parent, you should draw a line for your children’s behavior. Compliment for right actions is good affection for them, but rebuking them for wrong actions is also good affection. Children, who are too young to judge which is right, need to be disabused by their parents.
  I say it once for all, that the range to praise and scold your children must change bit by bit as they grow. Your children are not always kids. If you kept treating them as little kids although they were mature enough to establish their own values, it would hurt both you and your children. This is, you have to trust your children and release them feely. Of course, you would feel anxious for them, but you cannot keep your...


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