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Parents Should Determine Their Children's Lives or Not.

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Parents should determine their children's lives or not.

Almost all countries and cultures, parents have tried to decide important decisions which are related to their children's lives. Especially, teenagers usually complain that they could not make their own decisions due to the reactions of their parents. Although some authorities advocate that the idea, I entirely believe that there are a lot of negative aspects which are affected children's lives negatively.

To begin with, it is a well-known fact that people differ from one another in their hobbies, preferences and decisions. Should parents make an effort to determine their children's lives according to their decisions, children are obligated to dependent their family in their future lives. In this sense, parents' attitudes and behaviors play a significant role in their children's lives. Due to the fact that parents who try to control over their children in order to help teenage to take their decisions, many children would suffer from lack of self-confidence in the future. For instance, researches demonstrate that teenagers who are exposed to pressure by their families could not have a satisfactory job. Therefore, they may have difficulties in how to afford their own needs. Should children maintain to dependent on their parents constantly in all decisions which are related to their lives, a wealth of negative consequences are likely to occur just like mentioned above.

When it comes to second point, in today's world, parents' advices may be unnecessary for children. Because of the fact that, just as the world is changing each passing day, people's sensitivities and demands also alter according to contemporary compulsions. With the great changes in technological and social structures, young people have become more and more free and independent. Therefore, parents' recommendations may become less important than past. Therefore, parents should try to keep up with the social innovations in the world.



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