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Technology Affects Our Children

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      Although technology plays significant role in our lives, still too much using of technology brings some negatives effect, especially in children’s lives. Today children are so in touch with technologies. According to Goessl (2010), Kids today would have a difficult imaging life without items such as videogames, internet, cell phones, iPods, TV, etc. children seem to be dependent on technology.

      Garcia (2010), claims that children of earlier generations are the real children, girls were still playing with their dolls, boys would build race car out of box, and some children would spend hours outside playing, but technologies take up all their time. Technology took the time of children instead that they are playing around outside and socializing with real people.

      Garcia (2010), states that modern technology has taken the child out of our children. Children today are being tossed into a grownup world, a child can learn anything, some children use the internet to expand their knowledge but as they informed by technology they act like they are adults. Elkind (2003), claims that the traditional culture of childhood is fast disappearing. According to several studies, children have lost 12 hours of free time a week, and eight of those lost hours were once spent in unstructured play and outdoor pastimes. Technology like game boy, PSP and other electronic games put off children from enjoying the traditional games.

      The product of technology like, videogame, computer, internet, cell phones, TV, camera, iPods, etc. allow the children to entertain themselves using these technologies and also for them to gain knowledge, it is a terrific tool to utilize development learning and creativity, but too much use of technology may result to negative effects like, childhood obesity, addiction to gaming/internet, and greatly affects the study habits of the children. According to Lister (2009), technology...


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